Product Description

RISORI® Smile is the Ultimate Facetape that prevents and diminishes wrinkles by promoting circulation to facial muscles. The name RISORI comes from the RISORIUS MUSCLE, the smile muscle of our face, responsible for all our expression lines. RISORI is a comfortable cotton stretch fabric which comes in colors and designs. The Risori Smile box contains 30 sheets. Each sheet has 7 pre-cut styles which targets the lines and muscles of the BROW, EYES NOSE and MOUTH.

Gently pull and flatten the wrinkle and then simply peel and stick. Immediately feel RISORI tape “hugging” and supporting your skin, thus increasing circulation to the muscle below it. Apply gentle circular motion with finger.

Quality, Natural, Hypoallergenic.

Each individual sheet can be taken with you and worn anytime!

Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Treatments help you stay young at Risori!

Growing old is a natural part of our lives. While some believe that aging and getting wrinkles is all a part of developing Character many of us would like to keep those wrinkles at bay and thanks to anti aging patches and new anti-aging skin care products, 60 can be the new 40!