About Us

RISORI® Face Tape is solely for the use of facial muscles only, and used on the skin of the face only. Risori is patent pending product.

Risori Face Tape can rely on the theory of muscle tape. It’s a safe easy, effective way to reduce the fine lines specifically of the forehead (surprise lines), Brow (frown Lines), Eyes (crows feet), Nasal Lines and Mouth lines (marionette Lines). RISORI gently smoothes and flattens these fine lines over time. By Placing RISORI Face Tape over the wrinkle the tape works to gently lift the skin to increase circulation to the muscles, thus improving skin health.

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About Us

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Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Treatments help you stay young at Risori!

Growing old is a natural part of our lives. While some believe that aging and getting wrinkles is all a part of developing Character many of us would like to keep those wrinkles at bay and thanks to anti aging patches and new anti-aging skin care products, 60 can be the new 40!