How it Works: The Science

Risori is a therapeutic muscle tape aka kinesiology tape. Risori is flexible, stretchable cotton fabric. It is thin and porous as well as latex free, non-medicated. The sticky back is an acrylic adhesive designed in a wavy pattern to mimic the structure of our skin. This pattern will act to lift the skin (Epidermis-Dermis-Hypoderm) to promote circulation to the face muscles. This mechanism will gently influence tissue health and function. The usage of Risori Face Tape is to rejuvenates the skin, diminishing the appearance of fine lines, resulting in a more vibrant youthful appearance.


How it Works: The Science of Facetape

How it Works: The Science of Facetape

  • THE EYES AND BROW: Procerus Muscle /Frown Lines/Glabellar Lines
  • THE FOREHEAD: Frontalis Muscle
  • THE NOSE AND MOUTH: Levator Labii Superior/Naso-Labial Lines
  • Risorius Muscle/Smile Lines.

Peel and place on to clean and dry skin.  Can be worn up to 8 hours.  Best worn while sleeping when face is most relaxed.  Wear while dressing, showering and relaxing.

Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Treatments help you stay young at Risori!

Growing old is a natural part of our lives. While some believe that aging and getting wrinkles is all a part of developing Character many of us would like to keep those wrinkles at bay and thanks to anti aging patches and new anti-aging skin care products, 60 can be the new 40!